SCCM and Exit (Return) Codes

If you have an MSI Installation or script that comes out with Exit Code 3010 it means in most of the cases that the installation want the computer to reboot. Most of the times you don’t want that in a production environment and you can of cource set that in a Transformer with the Property REBOOT=ReallySuppress or in a script.

The thing is that SCCM necessarily not care about that and reboot the computer.

If you do not want that to happen you have to do as follow.

Only remember that the application maybe will not work until the computer is restarted but according to my experience the application work most of the times without a reboot.

In Configuration Manager Console you have to go to Software Library – “Application Name” – Right Click on Deployment Types – Properties – Tab “Return Codes” – Edit “3010 Soft Reboot” –  Change Code Type to “3010 Success (no reboot)”

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