Citrix VDA (Virtual Delivery Agent) and SCCM

If you want to install Citrix VDA manually start the exe file and do the wizard.

It is a little more tricky if you want to do a silent installation and some more things to think about if you want to distribute the installation with SCCM.

In this case I have to install Citrix VDA on about 60 Windows 7 Computers and I want to do it silent and automatic throw SCCM 2012.

There are some fundamental things to think of and here are some that I found.

  • You must have .Net 3.51 installed
  • If you have the parameter /NOREBOOT the installation exit with return code 3!!!
  • Firewall Ports have to be open
  • If you have 64 and 32-bit Computers you have to think about that the installation are doing a 64-bit installation on 64-bit Computers and the installation is installed in “c:\program files” and not “c:\program files (x86)”. It is the same in the registry. 64-bit installation gets into the registry under the 64-bit section.
  • Here is options from Citrix.

This is the way I did it.

The string I used for installation was:


I hade to enter /COMPONENTS VDA. If I did not do that the graphics came up.

The string I used for uninstallation was:

VDAWorkstationSetup_7.14.exe /remove /components vda /logpath c:\windows\temp /passive /noreboot

I was the same thing here, if I gave the string /removeall it did not work.

I wrapped the installation in a Wise script and looked for return code 0 and 3 for success.

I also locked for the file “C:\Program Files\Citrix\Telemetry Service\CtxCeipSvc.exe” because that is the service for Citrix VDA. If I found the file the installation was success.

I uploaded the script to SCCM 2012 and added return code 3 as success.


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